Case Intake Instructions

Case Intake Instructions

If you have been directed to this page, you are ready to retain the services of a private investigator at Tampa Bay Investigations to assist you in your investigation.

If we have spoken on the telephone about the case and the private investigator has asked you to visit the Case Intake Instructions Link, you are at the right page to be able to facilitate intake of your case.

THERE ARE FIVE (5) STEPS FOR YOU TO FOLLOW and they are delineated below:

There are two forms that need to be filled out, one is the Tampa Bay Investigations professional service agreement and one is the Tampa Bay Investigations credit card authorization.

The credit card authorization needs to be filled out whether you pay online using the secure credit option method or if you have the Tampa Bay Investigator run the card using the information on the form.

• STEP ONE – Professional Service Agreement:
Please print the Professional Service Agreement, fill it out, sign it at the bottom of  scan and attach to an email.
The email is

• STEP TWO – Credit Card Authorization Form:
Please print the Credit Card Authorization form, fill it out, sign it at the bottom of and scan and attach to an email.
The email is

• STEP THREE – Information Pertinent to the Investigation:

Email the circumstances of the assignment, the objective, the name, address, social security number (if available), date of birth (if available), the License Plate or TAG number of the subject’s vehicle (if available) and any stickers known to be affixed to the vehicle, the address of the subject, the address of any other parties in the assignment to
Be sure to include photographs (if available) of all parties that will need to be identified in the field by the assigned  Tampa Bay investigator. If photographs are not available please describe the parties to the best of your knowledge, including the existence or non existence of tattoos, scars, facial hair or other identifiers. Height, weight, gender, race, ethnic background and other descriptive things such as length of hair, style of clothing usually worn or other particulars that could help in the identification of the parties.

• STEP FOUR – Secure email address for receipt of assignment results
Provide a secure email for the Tampa Bay investigator to correspond with you, and to attach reports, intake and invoicing. If it is the email from whence you send the information to the Tampa Bay investigator, be sure to say that it is a safe email for you to receive reports.

• STEP FIVE – Telephone numbers.
Provide cellular, home and/or office telephone numbers, specifying which would be the primary contact number. If you do not want investigator to call a specific number be sure to state that in your contact information.

Upon receipt and review of these forms and the information requested, Investigator will prepare a case intake and this will occur within twenty four (24) hours of the receipt of the forms and information. Once you receive this intake that will be attached to an email you can review and make any changes, so that all information is correct and investigator has a clear and concise description of the assignment objectives and other information relevant to the assignment.